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Makaton - arwyddion

Makaton - GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING! - Singing Hands

Makaton Topic - DAYS OF THE WEEK - Singing Hands

Here is how to sign #DaysOftheWeek in #Makaton. You'll see that there is a just a slight variation on how you do the M and T on Monday and Tuesday from regular fingerspelling.

Makaton Topic - COLOURS - Singing Hands

For our #Makaton Topic series - here are hopefully all the signs for #Colours that you will need! We are always singing songs, playing games or reading stories with colour signs and now you can too. This video has all the "ROYGBIV" colours of the rainbow, plus pink, purple, black, white, brown, white, grey, gold and silver.

Makaton - ALPHABET SONG - Singing Hands